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The Elevators Podcast

The Elevators Podcast

It all begins with an idea. Two technical leaders came to the realization that they both enjoy the same thing. I met with my co-host, Pete, ages ego. We have worked together for almost a decade. But it was not long ago when we started discussing things that recently have been important to both of us: helping people grow in their careers, self-development, strategy, and time and efficiency hacks.

We decided to share our experience and journey of the technical people who started their careers as engineers and then moved to leadership positions. Then, we started recording our conversations and here we are. 

We are ready to share our new creation:Β The Elevators Podcast. In this podcast, we will discuss topics that are important to every leader:

  • Cultivate the retrospective mindset,
  • Create good habits and get rid of bad ones,
  • Grow ourselves and help others to grow,
  • Hire, particularly for distributed teams,
  • Build and grow the highly effective teams,
  • Manage ourselves in time and let others be more efficient with their time,
  • Tips, tricks and the best practices for the remote work environment. 

I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any feedback, or you have suggestions for a topic that we should cover in our The Elevators Show Podcast, let us know: podcast[at]

#01 – Who are the Elevators?

The Elevators Show Podcast
The Elevators Show Podcast | Because everyone is a mentor 

Listen to Pit and Pete as they discuss what got them into computers, their IT careers, leadership, and passions.

In this episode, you will hear:


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