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I am an engineer by nature. I like connecting things together, creating systems and making sure they all work well together. I used to be a network engineer connecting computers and creating networks, including networks of networks – The Internet. Then I found the power of human connections, and become fascinated by human psychology. Currently, I consider myself a people engineer, helping people to connect, work and create awesome things together. I help to transform talented individuals to become high performing teams, especially in remote environments. Opinions are my own. I share them via [PL 🇵🇱] “Tato na Wyspach” blog and podcast and [EN 🇬🇧] “The Elevators Show” podcast.

How to start journaling?

How to start journaling?

Do you know what Marcus Aurelius, Ben Franklin and Mark Twain have in common? These historical figures have one thing in common. The same that 80% of people appearing on the Tim Ferriss podcast and representing the elite in their industries have.

This feature is the habit of keeping a daily diary. Why is it so important and how to start journaling?

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How do you get rid of unnecessary stuff from home?

How to declutter your house in one day?

When I arrived at the airport to start a new life in a new country, I had one suitcase, hand luggage and a laptop. For many years we haven’t moved practically anything from Poland. We handed over the household appliances because they did not fit the English plugs. The books were also given away because initially, we only rented a room, and every free corner was worth its weight in gold. Then, as we got back on our feet in the new conditions and enlarged our living space, my wife and I started to accumulate things … things that we had to get rid of. But how to do it? How to declutter your house in one day?

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How to land your dream job checklist

Is there any ‘good’ in layoffs? 

It was a long time ago. I was working for a cable TV company. Internet was booming in Poland. I started to learn Linux and wanted to change my job. The opportunity came as my company bought the Sun Microsystems server. I called my director, and full of enthusiasm, I explained why I was a good candidate.
In response, he bluntly asked me: do you know how expensive this computer was?

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Thieves stole my car but I got it back thanks to this gadget

🚨Thieves stole my car but I got it back thanks to this gadget

I see technology as a tool. It can serve us very well. It saves lives. Technology makes you more productive, so you work less and spend time with family. It can also be used against you. Evil people use technological advances to encrypt hospitals’ networks and demand ransom. They can clone your keys and steal your car. It is what happened to me. They walked towards my house, went to my driveway and stole my car on a bright day. Due to the advanced technology, all of it took them less than a minute. But I got my car back! Thanks to technology and the quick reaction of good people. Let’s dive into this story.

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Hippo effect and dichotomy of leadership

Hippo effect and dichotomy of leadership

It was not long after I became a manager for the first time. We had a big project ahead of us, so we organised a kick-off meeting.

It was a good meeting. We quickly went over the schedule; the decisions have been made. The project manager asked all questions, which were answered mainly by me. We took notes. Action points were ready and distributed. I was pleased with myself. Everything seemed to be smooth and going in the right direction. However, things were about to change dramatically.

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