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About me πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

I am an engineer πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

My name is Piotr ZagΓ³rowski. I am a tech-savvy leader with a passion for technology and human connections. I’ve been helping teams reach their full potential at large international companies.
My background includes network engineering, leadership, executive board experience in NGOs, and a commitment to self-improvement and sharing my knowledge. Currently, I work as a senior people leader in international company providing bare metal infrastructure services for cloud computing.

I help talented people develop individually and build a strong team based on respect, loyalty, and a willingness to help each other in their work.

I define my values β€‹β€‹πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

Family is fun |  Dad on the islands

We live and work in Great Britain with my wife Agnieszka and two kids, Daniel and Isabella. I’ve been fascinated by the Internet and technology since forever, and even remember what a modem is. When we first arrived in the UK, we didn’t have much, and I had a job that was below my qualifications. However, my family was the most important thing to me, so we invested in our bond.

Currently, the values ​​that are dear to me are:

  • interpersonal bonds – building lasting relationships with others, in family, at work and in spheres of interest,
  • knowledge – building my knowledge, experience and skills, sharing my path with others,
  • developing talents – (for myself and others) using skills and creativity to grow every day,
  • traveling and adventures – gaining new and unforgettable experiences,
  • leadershipΒ – cultivating the idea of ​​”heroic leadership” in myself and others, and the conviction that each of us is called to be a leader.

I have experience πŸ•°

Before becoming a parent (and had time πŸ™‚), I served on the executive boards of various Polish organizations in London, gaining valuable experience. Then, I’ve worked for a large international companies, scaleups and startups, and led several teams while pursuing my passion for technology. I believe in growing together with my teams and developing our talents.

My blog and podcast explore the intersection of being a parent and a leader. I believe that loving others is the most important vocation, whether it’s as a parent or in other professions like being a doctor or teacher.

As someone who worked for different companies in different environments, I share my experiences with remote work, automation, and transferring lessons from work to family life through retrospective thinking.

I believe in talents 🀝

I am deeply convinced that we should use our talents. That is why I am interested in the Gallup Institute’s approach to talent, and its definition of talents and strengths:

A strength is the ability to consistently deliver near-perfect results in a specific activity. 

Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that can be used productively. 
Talents, knowledge and skills – along with time spent (i.e. investing) practicing, developing skills and building a knowledge base – come together to create strengths.

Here are my top 5 talents:

  • Relator: I enjoy building close relationships with others and working together to achieve goals.
  • Arranger: I can organise and prioritise tasks effectively to maximise productivity while remaining flexible.
  • Discipline: I thrive on routine and structure, creating a sense of order in my world.
  • Harmony: I seek consensus and understanding, avoiding conflicts whenever possible.
  • Individualisation: I appreciate the unique qualities of each person and have a talent for finding ways for people to work well together.

πŸ“– My full Gallup report detailing all my 34 talents

“You’re special. Your distinctive CliftonStrengths 34 profile sets you apart from all others. This is your talent DNA, shown in ranked order based on your responses to the test. “

I share with others πŸŽ™

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Life should be like a good cup of coffee: made with love, enjoyed while hot, full of delicious flavor, and shared with someone we care about.

Piotr Zagorowski

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