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I propose the language of the leadership | the mapThere is plenty of things we can learn from our kids. There is also plenty of things we can do with and for our kids. We are there together as we progress in our University of Life :-)

May the fourth be with you - R2D2

May the fourth be with you!

It was a long, long time ago, when I saw it for the first time. I had never seen anything like this before. It was terrific, and it left a mark on me. It also shaped my taste and sincere interest in sci-fi movies. But it was a different world back then. There were not many toys I could play to recreate the scenes from my new favourite movie. There were not many magazines that had pictures of my favourite characters to collect them. Every coverage in any journals or paper was a treat. In the rare case of appearance, we informed one another with my friends, so everyone could buy, carefully cut and enjoy it. The Star Wars saga movies. May the fourth be with you!

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3D Augmented Reality - a snake in my shower

3D Augmented Reality – a snake in my shower and a bear in my garden

In the previous post, I presented a list of on-line resources that may help when we need to work from home and also manage with homeschooling, education and also entertain our kids. It looks like it is a popular topic these days, so I would like to present another way to keep the whole family entertained. Google 3D Augmented Reality. Thanks to this technology you can experience real size animals like tiger in your living room, a snake in your shower, or a bear in your garden. Thanks to Google collaboration with NASA, you can also generate some planets, including the Earth ๐ŸŒ load into your bedroom and have a vertical journey with your little astronauts before you go to sleep.

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Online resources for kids

On-line resources for working from home with kids

Working from home with kids and your partner at home is challenging. We need to create a new routine. We need to be flexible. Work needs to be synchronised with your team and spouse, especially if they can also work from home. But how about kids? They need to carry on education. Children need to be entertained and taken care of. First of all – take it easy – try to agree with your partner when you can take care of children and when your spouse can spend time with them as you need to take this call or do something on your list for today. And secondly, make sure you get creative and prepare a routine for your kids and yourself. Below is the list of some online resources that can help to compile some activity lists for our little ones.

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How to conquer your fears - are kids completely fearless?

How to be brave and conquer your own fears?

Do you know what the opposite of love is? Most people’s answer would be “hate” or “dislike”. The truth, however, is that the opposite of love is fear. If we fear someone, we will not be able to love this person. If we are afraid of something, it will consume all our energy and drain our thoughts towards the subject of our fears. In extreme cases, it will prevent us from thinking about anything else. It will paralyse our ability to move forward, loving other people or, in severe cases, live our lives to the full. Can we learn how to conquer our fears?

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What we can learn from children?

Leadership lessons we can learn from children

My younger daughter, who was “just” born, will start school this calendar year. I’ve been recently pondering on the fact that our kids grow fast. They don’t only grow but also learn a lot. However, we – parents – also grow with them. Every member of the family, despite the age, level of growth and development, they always give something to others. What parents and leaders can learn from children?

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