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Elevate your productivity with Coffee Journeys as we explore the dynamic intersection of efficiency, leadership, and intentional living. Dive into discussions on time management, effective workflows, and strategies for optimizing productivity on the journey from technical expertise to leadership. Uncover practical insights and tools that empower both technical and people leaders to enhance their professional effectiveness while maintaining a balanced and intentional approach to life. Join us on a quest for productivity mastery that harmonizes with the unique challenges and triumphs of leadership in the modern world.

Bicycles Project - Art of annual planning

The art of annual review and project planning

Some projects go pretty smoothly. We see progress, and reaching a goal is just a matter of well define time. Some plans are being dragged on for months or even years. We don’t know where this thing is going, and what’s more, why we even bothered to start it. Usually, it is not because of the complexity, lack of resources or time. In these cases, we should look closer to the people who plan them and perform the execution of tasks. A few years back, I did an annual review and planning for the first time. I wanted to buy bicycles for my family. Easy? Well, It took me almost two years. Sip your coffee while I am going to share what happened.

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Work from home and power outage?

Are you ready for power outage while you work from home?

It was during my one-on-one meeting with one of my engineers when the external screen went black. Then I realised I lost the audio too. I was already blaming technology, clicking various things on my laptop, when I spotted that more things were off. It was a power blackout in my home office. Obviously, my laptop was still working thanks to the battery, so it took me a while to realise nothing else worked. Work from home and power outage. What a combo!

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