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Navigate the intricacies of talent acquisition and team building with Coffee Journeys. Explore discussions on recruitment strategies, leadership in hiring, and the nuances of building high-performing teams. Whether you’re a technical leader involved in the hiring process or a professional looking to understand the dynamics of recruitment, our ‘Recruitment’ tag provides insights into effective hiring practices, team dynamics, and the symbiotic relationship between leadership and building a stellar workforce.

How to nail the job interview?

How to nail the job interview?

You have written an outstanding CV, and you made it to the next level. It’s is going to be the first job interview. But what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “job interview”? I think for most of us it’s a quite stressful event. Some folks, including recruiters, will refer to it as a “grilling”. There used to be some sophisticated methods to check candidates and to break them so that we can see how they behave under stress. I heard of the stories where interviews were conducted in a small, hot room for hours to check where is the breaking point of the particular candidate…

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The secret to well-written CV that will help you to get next job

The secret to well-written CV

Your goal for the CV is to end up on the β€œnext step” stack. Do it wrong and it will end up in a shredder. There are tons of material on the interwebs in the topic of the Curriculum Vitae preparation. I am going to write about my personal experience. It’s going to be a subjective opinion from someone who does recruit and who likes to recruit. So, what is the secret to well-written CV that will help you with the next dream job?

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