I love travelling and I love coffee. Coffee Journeys is the place where I share a little bit of both worlds – coffee pictures that bring me back to memories of particular places, thoughts about those places, people that I met and things that I have learnt.

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3D Augmented Reality – a snake in my shower and a bear in my garden

In the previous post, I presented a list of on-line resources that may help when we need to work from home and also manage with homeschooling, education and also entertain our kids. It looks like it is a popular topic these days, so I would like to present another way to keep the whole family …

On-line resources for working from home with kids

Working from home with kids and your partner at home is challenging. We need to create a new routine. We need to be flexible. Work need to be synchronised not only with your team, but also with your spouse, especially if she or he can also work from home. But how about kids? They need to carry on education. Children need to be entertained and taken care of. First of all – take it easy – try to agree with your partner when you can take care of children, and when your spouse can spend time with them as you need to take this call or do something that is on your list for today. And secondly, make sure you get creative and prepare a routine for your kids as well as for yourself. Below is the list of some online resources that can help to compile some activity list for our little ones.

What I am doing now

I am trying to do one thing at the time, but the reality is that it is one thing per category 😀

No travel

Just a month ago, at the beginning of March, my business trip was shortened. I came home happy that I was able to be with family. A short time later more and more countries announces partial or full lockdown to address the pandemic situation with COVID-19.

We planned 2020 to be a year of travel. We needed to cancel most of our trips.

Spending more time with family

It is a delicate balance between work, family and myself individually to stay sane. There is no school so we are not in rush in the mornings. We added extra time for family breakfasts. During weekends we try to spend our time more creatively like planing with augmented reality 🙂

Reading books

I am reading a book “Immunity to Change – How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization” by  Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey.

I am working on this blog

  • sharing a new coffee journey every Thursday
  • writing mainly about remote work due to lockdown

Snapshots from the past

This page is inspired by Derek Siversnow page” movement.

Updated: April 2020

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