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Discover the art of intentional living through discussions on routines with Coffee Journeys. Explore how cultivating effective daily habits and routines can contribute to personal and professional success on the journey from technical expertise to leadership. Whether you’re a leader seeking to optimize your daily workflow or someone interested in intentional living, our ‘Routine’ tag offers insights into building habits that enhance productivity, well-being, and the unique challenges faced by those in leadership roles.

How to start journaling?

Elevate Your Leadership Through Journaling

Do you know what Marcus Aurelius, Ben Franklin and Mark Twain have in common? These historical figures have one thing in common. The same that 80% of people appearing on the Tim Ferriss podcast and representing the elite in their industries have.

This feature is the habit of keeping a daily diary. Why is it so important and you can elevate your leadership through journaling? Let’s dive in!

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First aid for work from home

First aid for work from home

Working from home for the first time may and will feel awkward. We used to go to the train station, get our morning coffee on the way, read the newspaper or listen to our favourite podcast. It’s been taken away. We open our laptop and work is supposed to flow. However, even getting to sit in from of laptop seems difficult, there is no buffer and preparation time. In theory, we have more time, but on the other head we feel like time is shrinking. We even struggle to keep up on what day is today. Is there any first aid for work from home situation? There are many good resources in the webs, I am going to share what is essential for me. Check it out, experiment and see if something work for you.

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Family coffee routine, why coffee should be important in your relationship

Why coffee should be important in your relationship?

It was early afternoon on Sunday. Typical British weather – sunny but quite chilly at the same time. We were just entering stairs leading to the footpath bridge connecting two big shopping centres. We were tired, annoyed and indeed exhausted physically and mentally. In halfway through the bridge, my wife told me that she couldn’t carry on. I thought she meant physical exhaustion, but it was something much bigger.

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Penalty ticket - when routine goes wrong

Is routine good for you?

Natalie was in a fantastic mood. She woke up early morning and was doing her stretch routine. She ate a small breakfast and drove to the registration point. It was her dream. She had been preparing for this competition for a long time. She dreamed to be a professional rock climber. And here she was. She completed all admin routine and stood in front of the high hill where competition took place. Next, she went through her checklist for the last time, breathed deeply fresh air and started climbing. She didn’t know, she wasn’t going to finish this wall and in fact she would need to stop her career as a professional climber.

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