What I am doing now


Despite tough times, I am lucky that my part of the organisation is doing well. We are hiring. If you are in security, development and networking field, and thrive in a remote work environment, check this job post, prepare CV (see below) and let’s talk.

Helping others to get the dream job

If you need to prepare for job interview, check it out.

More and more companies are allowing people to work remotely. It helps to hire talented people from all around the world. However, to work remotely, companies need to apply different mindset and work on organisation culture that will make advantage, not be an obstacle for remote work. I would like to recommend some good resources on this topic:

Back to school

Don’t rush. Take your time. Busy is a choice! I was walking my son to school. I overheard conversation of two other parents. ‬ – “‪How are you?“‬ ‪

– “Ah you know – Monday. It’s awful.“‬ ‪

They create their reality. Rushing and associating Monday with the beginning of the hell week. ‬ ‪Why? And kids are listening and there is a new generation of “busy people” growing in frustration. ‬ ‪Busy is a choice! ‬

Reading books

I finished The Unicorn Project and recently shared 3 lessons from that book. I am currently reading: An Elegant Puzzle Systems of Engineering Management

Working on this blog

I will be going to summer mode with my blog, writing shorter post every Thursday. As usual I am asking you to:

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers “now page” movement.

Updated: September 14th, 2020