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Explore Coffee Journeys’ guest appearances as we take the conversation beyond our own space. Join in the dialogue as our host shares insights, experiences, and expertise on various platforms, including podcasts and blogs. Gain a unique perspective on the journey from technical expertise to leadership while discovering how collaboration and shared wisdom contribute to professional and personal growth. Dive into the enriching discussions that unfold when Coffee Journeys steps into the role of a guest, offering a diverse blend of insights and experiences.

How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

I was recently a guest in The Align Remotely podcast, where Luke Szyrmer, the host, focuses on leading distributed teams and everything associated with that subject, like leadership and operations to help achieve together. It is particularly relevant now when nearly everyone works from home. It was a broad-ranging conversation, but we mainly focused on the topic of how to baseline the remote team culture.

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