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How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

I was recently a guest in The Align Remotely podcast, where Luke Szyrmer, the host, focuses on leading distributed teams and everything associated with that subject, like leadership and operations to help achieve together. It is particularly relevant now when nearly everyone works from home. It was a broad-ranging conversation, but we mainly focused on the topic of how to baseline the remote team culture.

I recently wrote about it on my blog Why high-performance teams need team agreements and it seems like there is a great interest in this matter. In our conversation with Luke, we talked about many things. The whole episode is packed with practical knowledge. If you are interested in remote work, please consider subscribing to Luke’s podcast. Luke tries to simplify various topics and the best practices from IT and present to people in different fields and industries.

In our conversation, we primarily talk about:

  • How to baseline remote team culture?
  • How to start to draft the team agreements?
  • Control versus trust – how to enable your team to work fully remotely?
  • How to make sure people know what to do?
    • What is “commander intent”?
    • The importance of “why” we do things.
    • The importance of the organisation and team mission.
    • How to implement a “decentralised command”?
  • Tools and apps to help to run your team remotely.

To check the full transcript, please visit the episode page: How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

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