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I write about my journey from technical person to a leader, covering following topic within category Leadership: leadership development, leadership skills, management techniques, team building, communication skills, decision-making, problem-solving, time management, strategic planning, employee engagement, conflict resolution and remote work.

Bicycles Project - Art of annual planning

The art of annual review and project planning

Some projects go pretty smoothly. We see progress, and reaching a goal is just a matter of well define time. Some plans are being dragged on for months or even years. We don’t know where this thing is going, and what’s more, why we even bothered to start it. Usually, it is not because of the complexity, lack of resources or time. In these cases, we should look closer to the people who plan them and perform the execution of tasks. A few years back, I did an annual review and planning for the first time. I wanted to buy bicycles for my family. Easy? Well, It took me almost two years. Sip your coffee while I am going to share what happened.

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Enough is enough - when to change your job

Enough is enough – when to change your job

In the dynamic landscape of the job market, facing challenges and transitions is part of the journey. As I share insights from my recent job changes, I recognize the common struggles many encounter in the pursuit of professional satisfaction. This blog post aims to simplify the complexities of career progression, introduce the concept of a “Tour of Duty,” and explore the pivotal moment when you realize “enough is enough.” Let’s embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of finding genuine professional fulfillment.

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Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) technique

Mastering BLUF: A Tactical Guide for Tech Leaders to Elevate Communication

In the fast-paced realm of technology leadership, effective communication is not just a skill; it’s a strategic necessity. This blog post aims to arm busy professionals in the technology sector, especially those navigating leadership roles for the first time, with a powerful communication tool—the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) technique.

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Leader’s Guide to Becoming More Decisive

Leader’s Guide to Becoming More Decisive

Making decisions is an integral part of life, yet many find it challenging. However, the ability to be decisive is a valuable skill that can be developed and honed over time. Today, I present the leader’s guide to help us becoming more decisive. In this guide, we will explore strategies to help you become more decisive in your personal and professional life as a leader of your team.

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How to land your dream job checklist

Is there any ‘good’ in layoffs? 

It was a long time ago. I was working for a cable TV company. Internet was booming in Poland. I started to learn Linux and wanted to change my job. The opportunity came as my company bought the Sun Microsystems server. I called my director, and full of enthusiasm, I explained why I was a good candidate.
In response, he bluntly asked me: do you know how expensive this computer was?

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What is a jet lag and how to mitigate it?

What is jet lag and how to mitigate it?

Remote work is excellent. It has a lot of benefits; it saves you time on the commute, and it helps with life and work balance. And what’s been important recently, it limits your exposure during seasonal flu outbreaks. Technology, team agreement and procedures can help with day-to-day team operations, but nothing will replace face-to-face communication. Even fully remote teams and whole companies must meet every so often to ponder on the past, plan the future and just spend some time together. That means travel. And that usually means long flights, at least for some members of the team. Is there anything we can do to be prepared for a long trip? How can we mitigate jet lag?

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Stress management for leaders

Stress Management for Leaders: The Prioritise and Execute Framework

Do you find yourself overwhelmed in high-pressure situations, struggling to make decisions amidst chaos? Stress management is a critical skill for leaders, especially in today’s world where unexpected challenges seem to be the norm. In this episode, we’ll delve into an effective framework called ‘Prioritize and Execute,’ a strategy borrowed from ex-military leaders turned business consultants, Jocko Willink and Laith Babin. This framework can help leaders like you stay calm, make well-informed decisions, and efficiently navigate complex and stressful situations. So, whether you’re managing a team or an entire organisation, read on to discover how ‘Prioritize and Execute’ can be your secret weapon in the world of stress management for leaders.

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Hippo effect and dichotomy of leadership

Hippo effect and dichotomy of leadership

In the realm of management, a pivotal moment arrived when I took the reins for the first time. With a significant project ahead, we initiated a kick-off meeting, setting the stage for what lay ahead.

As the meeting unfolded, schedules were discussed, decisions were reached, and responsibilities were delegated. The project manager led the proceedings, and I found myself responding to the majority of queries. It all seemed to flow smoothly—a testament to my leadership, or so I thought. Little did I know that I was about to encounter a transformative lesson.

In the aftermath, a one-on-one conversation with my superior unfolded. “What could you have done better in that kick-off meeting?” he inquired. A question that prompted me to reevaluate my approach.

Caught between wanting to support my team and unintentionally suppressing their growth, I began to unravel the concept of the HIPPO effect—an idea that was about to reshape my perspective on leadership. I learned about HIPPO leadership.

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Team agreement | Good practice for high performing teams

Why high-performance teams need team agreements

We start the new team. We gathered a group of talented individuals and we want to grapple with the new challenge. How can we accelerate the team forming, storming and norming phase? We should start with team agreements. Once done, this exercise will boost team productivity. It will also help to create and maintain the team identity. It shouldn’t be the detailed documentation of the team proceedings in the wiki-style procedure. Instead, we should agree on things that are important for our team. Let’s take a look.

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The Right Way to Hold People Accountable

The right way to hold people accountable

It was a long time ago. At that time, I was not too fond of trekking. Yet, I was there, exhausted, but happy. I was at the top of the mountain. I was with my friend who convinced me to go for this journey with him. To our surprise, there was a place where we could buy hot food. My friend asked me did I want anything. I said something like “yes probably, just bring me something”. He disappeared, and a moment later, he was back with a juicy, beautifully smelling burger. He brought me … nothing. I was furious. I was blaming him. It was years after when I realised that it was me who was wrong, and there is the right way to hold people accountable.

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