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Mastering the art of remote working

Piotr Zagorowski | Share IT Huddle

I had the great privilege to be a guest in Cisco Solutions IT Huddle. I met with a fantastic DevNet community talking about technology, friendship, family and mastering the art of remote working.

Mastering the art of remote working with Piotr Zagorowski

Piotr Zagorowski is an Engineering Manager, who started his career as a cable TV guy and then moved into network engineering. First, Piotr spoke on the importance of creating habits. Any behaviour can become a habit if it’s repeated. However, creating habits can be very difficult and it is easy to drop a new habit before it becomes part of your routine. Piotr recommends before you start creating a habit, you ask yourself why you want to create that habit. Giving yourself a reason why you want to create a habit can help increase the chances of it sticking.

Next, Piotr discussed the challenges of working from home. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges, especially when working in teams that are scattered across the globe, is creating a boundary between work and your home life. One of the ways Piotr tries to create a boundary between his work and home life is to prioritize his work so that way he can keep himself focused. Every day he takes a moment to plan and prioritize two things for the next day, so he can keep himself on track without getting overwhelmed.

You can view the full recording from this week’s session below. If you’re interested in more tips about how to master working from home, be sure to check out Piotr’s blog First Aid for Work From Home. You can also follow Piotr on his Twitter.

So what’s next and when is the next Solutions IT Huddle?

There was so much great information shared during this session. We’d love for you to share some with us! Leave us a comment below to tell us more about what challenges you may want help with.

  • What are your biggest challenges when working from home? 
  • How have you overcome these challenges?
  • What tools do you leverage to help you with remote working?
  • Have you setup any automation based solutions to improve your remote working experiences?  

Watch the full conversation

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