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Podcast | The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Welcome to episode nr 1 of The Coffee Journeys Show: The Journey Begins

In this episode, Piotr Zagorowski shares his journey and the lessons he learned. Starting with how he got his first IT job, Piotr discusses the importance of self-belief and how rejection can be a powerful motivator.

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The Power of the Retrospective Mindset

The Power of the Retrospective Mindset

It is easy to be busy. Every one of us has plenty to do. We start marching towards our goals, and after some time we can’t catch the breath because we are already running. When we run, it is not easy to stop. It is also easy to run too far in the wrong direction. That’s why retrospective mindset is so important. It goes far beyond the professional context of our lives. It should be the default mode for our endeavours.

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The Elevators Podcast

The Elevators Podcast

It all begins with an idea. Two technical leaders came to the realization that they both enjoy the same thing. I met with my co-host, Pete, ages ego. We have worked together for almost a decade. But it was not long ago when we started discussing things that recently have been important to both of us: helping people grow in their careers, self-development, strategy, and time and efficiency hacks.

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How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

How to Baseline Remote Team Culture

I was recently a guest in The Align Remotely podcast, where Luke Szyrmer, the host, focuses on leading distributed teams and everything associated with that subject, like leadership and operations to help achieve together. It is particularly relevant now when nearly everyone works from home. It was a broad-ranging conversation, but we mainly focused on the topic of how to baseline the remote team culture.

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It is bombastic to work for the IT department

It is bombastic to work as the head of the IT department.

“We need to call the bomb disposal unit.” – said the police officer. “In the meantime, we need to evacuate this pavilion.” – he added to his people. “It is really bombastic to work as the head of the IT department in this hospital.” I thought to myself, trying to stay calm.
Today we are going back in time where I worked for one of the biggest hospitals in southern Poland. My boss just quit as he needed to travel to another country. I took his place. How excited could it be to run the IT? I learnt a lot during this time. But one day was incredibly rich in lessons. It was the day when I learnt to respect my users and give them moral support, even if I cannot provide any technical support as the ask is out of my scope.

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