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Now | June 2022

This is my “now” page inspired by Derek Sievers. It answers “what I’m doing now?“. My life, projects and priorities. I post an update here every 1-3 months.

What’s up as of June 2022?

I am focusing the mental health topic.

Enjoying family time and traveling 🌊

We are back on track travelling almost every weekend. We are making the most out of our National Trust annual membership. Being in nature gives is one of the easiest ways to take care of our minds. We should spend more time in nature, relaxing and spending time with our families, but also with ourselves.

We enjoyed beautiful bluebells. Some fun facts about them:

  • 🔷 Over half the world’s populations of these iconic wildflowers grow in the UK.
  • 🔷 It takes several years for a native bluebell seed to grow into a bulb & subsequently flower.
  • 🔷 Folklore used to tell that bluebells ring at daybreak to call fairies to the woods.

Journaling ✍️

A very important component of the mental health topic is journaling. I try to follow more thoroughly the 5-minute journal method.

Every morning I answer the following questions:

  • What I am grateful for?
  • What would make today great?
  • Daily affirmation. I am…

And every evening I follow up with:

  • 3 Amazing things that happened today…
  • How could I have made today even better?

I updated my Shortcuts scripts to guild me through the process and write my answers into my digital journal. I use Day One app.

Trying to resurrect the old MacBook Air 💻

I am a big fan of technology and gadgets. However, I am also pragmatic and I like giving the second life to old gadgets. We have old MacBook Air. It is not possible to upgrade the MacOS directly from the system. However, Apple allows to update even very old machines downloading the operating system from their pages.

How to get old versions of macOS

If your Mac isn’t compatible with the latest macOS, you may be able to upgrade to an earlier macOS, such as macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave or High Sierra. Check this page.

Improving my game 🎓

I am back to regular self-development. I’ve completed “Making Sence of Compexity” course and exam.

Working on this blog ✍️

I’ve changed the theme and some content. I hope the blog is easier to read and navigate through. What do you think?

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers now page” movement.

Updated: June 20th, 2022