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Now | November 2021

Opening YouTube channel πŸŽ₯

I think it is essential to learn something new every so often. Another important thing that we should all remember is that it’s OK to be a newbie. We are mastering some aspects of our lives. We want to be seen as professionals. And that is fine. But there is a trap there. If we go for perfectionism route and let’s say, we want to be as good with the first video as we are with podcasting at episode 50, we will never release anything new. I am learning a new skill – video editing.

Creating The Elevators Podcast πŸ›—

In the recent episode (nr 5, yuppie) we discussed what should be important to you, challenges with covid, mindfulness, wellbeing, and mental health.

This was an organic discussion that we had between ourselves and we decided to share our observations of our and our friends’ worlds with you today.

We hope that this resonates with you and may help you look at your real priorities to drive you to get what you deserve and wish to attain.
As always, you can follow @theelevatorsfm, @PiotrZagorowski, and @PeteWieckowski on Twitter
And our website is here: The Elevators

Reading books πŸ“š

I am still reading: β€œNo rules rules”. It is a very good book about how to provide a candid feedback to be productive and effective.

Here are some lessons on how to provide candid feedback:

Working on this blog ✍️

I will be going to autumn mode with my blog, writing shorter post every other Thursday. As usual I am asking you to:

Starting a new journey – journalism πŸ“°

I’ve been given opportunity to write for the most famous technology magazine in Polish internet iMagazine. I debuted in the November issue, writing about How to hold people accountable. If you read Polish, I strongly recommend to download the app and check this mag, totally worth it!

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers “now page” movement.

Updated: November 20th, 2020