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When it was last time you felt like a newbie?

I am learning a new skill - video editing

I’ve been trying to be on a camera for some time. I need to do some presentations at work. I think video is a fantastic medium. Now, when The Elevators Podcast is on, I would like to learn how to use short films to promote it more.
So, I’m learning a new skill – video editing.

I have been using my iPad for all blogging and podcasting. That includes editing the podcast. I did quick research, and it seems like there is a perfect choice for video editing – Luma Fusion. Another quick search and I found excellent Luma Fusion tutorial from Justin Brown from Primal Videos. It is incredible; I had my first video within hours. It is not perfect, it is just 92 seconds, but I had great fun creating and editing it.

Check it out! ๐ŸŽฅ
Especially if you would like to hear some productivity tip that involves working from home while surrounded byโ€ฆ diggers making notices!

Learning a new skill

I think it is essential to learn something new every so often. Another important thing that we should all remember is that it’s OK to be a newbie. We are mastering some aspects of our lives. We want to be seen as professionals. And that is fine. But there is a trap there. If we go for perfectionism route and let’s say, we want to be as good with the first video as we are with podcasting at episode 50, we will never release anything new. As Ali Abaad says – you need to ship first 100 videos and go over it. They will not be perfect; they maybe even embarrassing, but who cares?

So my questions for you today:
What was the new thing that you have learnt recently?
Do you allow yourself to be a newbie from time to time?

Useful links

If you would like to try video editing, there are some links that you may find helpful:

Thanks for reading!

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