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The career shift from technical roles to leadership

The career shift from technical roles to leadership

Do you remember when you made the career shift from technical leader to technical people leader? Do you remember your challenges and the “identity crisis”?

Join Pit and Pete as they discuss their career shift from technical leaders to people leaders and some of the things that they experience along the way.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Being in a new role. Career shift – slowing down to speed up, and learning
  • Letting your team learn at their pace, you may do things faster now, but how does that help them?
  • Knowing your words now carry a different weight with the team you are leading, choose your words wisely.
  • Relationship management: You have a new peer group, build an maintain those new relationships, and have 1:1’s with your new peers
  • Expectation management: Do you need to be in a meeting? What is the expected outcome?
  • Continue to learn, read books, talk to people, have mentors; everyone is a leader, and continue your personal and professional development.

Books/Readings that helped us with career shift:

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Let us know what is your experience with your career shift, or a job that required you to traction from technical person to a leader.

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