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Revamp Your Design Game with Canva

Revamp Your Design Game with Canva

Today I am going to share with you some exciting news.ย I am working on my new podcast and need your help ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

Iโ€™ve done some podcasting in the past. Those projects are parked for various reasons, as I decided to focus on English communication and was busy last year.ย 

Automate everything ๐Ÿค–

Creating a podcast was on my list during my annual review last year. However, following the main message from the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, I decided to subtract or remove one thing to add another. 

I spent a few last weekends automating my newsletter (thanks, Adam Gospodarczyk ๐Ÿฆพ, for a fantastic course on that topic). Now, I can focus on the podcast when my bulletin is on autopilot. 

I actually implement the same principles, and I automate everything possible. I will share all my tools and processes to inspire someone to do the same!

The first step โ€“ artwork ๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Today, I am going to share the first step when it comes to podcast creation. 

The very first step is the podcast name. However, in my case, it is a similar name to my blog โ€“ the Coffee Journeys Show.

Now, letโ€™s focus on the artwork. ๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ

I always need help with branding, palettes, colours and so on.ย 
Iโ€™ve done a few iterations to reflect the name -> coffee and journeys.ย 
Then, I created two variations that reflected on it.ย 

I used Canva for that step. I used it for some of my Polish projects ages ago, and how this tool evolved blew my mind. 

Tools: Canva ๐ŸŽจ

I discovered some new (to me) features:

1๏ธโƒฃ Canvaโ€™s Colour Wheel is a tool that helps users create colour schemes for their designs. It allows users to select a colour and generate complementary, split-complementary, analogous, triadic, and tetradic colours. It makes it easy for users to create visually appealing designs with a harmonious colour palette.

2๏ธโƒฃ Canvaโ€™s Colour Palette Generator is a tool that allows users to upload an image and generate a colour palette based on the colours in the picture. It is helpful for users who want to create designs that match a particular image or wish to use the colours in an image to inspire their design. The tool generates a colour palette that includes the imageโ€™s dominant colours and any secondary colours that may be present.

3๏ธโƒฃ Canvaโ€™s Styles feature is a collection of pre-designed templates that users can apply to their designs. Styles include a range of designs for various types of content, such as social media posts, presentations, and business cards. Users can choose a style matching their brand or personal aesthetic and customise it with text, images, and colours. It makes it easy for users to create professional-looking designs quickly and easily without starting from scratch.

Andโ€ฆ I created a third iteration of my podcast artwork, reflecting more on my โ€œbrandingโ€.ย 

And here is my ask for you. 

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿปโ“Can you comment on which one you like the most?ย 

I will appreciate your help and any comments. I will share more tools, steps and automation in the coming days and weeks.ย 

Have a great weekend! โ˜•๏ธ

Thanks for reading!

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