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Now | December 2023

This is my “now” page inspired by Derek Sievers. It answers “what I’m doing now?“. My life, projects and priorities. I post an update here every 1-3 months.

What’s up as of December 2023?

Embracing the Calm Before Christmas 🎄 Ah, the hush of these recent moments has given me the chance to dive into reflections on the entire year. As I gear up for a well-deserved Christmas break, let me share some of the highlights that have added a sparkle to the quieter times.

🏰 A Magical Evening at Hever Castle 🌟

Our festive escapade led us to the enchanting Hever Castle for a Magical Light Evening. The Santa Grotto was, of course, on the agenda, where we exchanged greetings with the elves and had our usual banter with Santa himself 🎅🏼😂.

Publishing my first digital product ✅

How to land your dream job Checklist

I’ve prepared something for people who would like to (or have to) change the job.

☑️ interactive checklist, including information on how to:

  • prepare your LinkedIn profile, including photo, headline, about section, and other important components
  • structure and edit your CV, including examples of executive summary
  • prepare for the interview, including the question examples and how to check a startup condition and your new role
  • check your future employer thanks to tools and articles I included
  • connect with experts, thanks to my recommended list of people I follow

📘eBook compiling all sections from the above checklist to get coherent view of all the information and knowledge

🗞️ newsletter to have access to all additional materials


🫶🏼 Self-Care on the Heroic Leadership Path 💪🌟

Embarking on the Heroic Leadership path has been a journey of serving others, but let's not forget the importance of self-care. The age-old saying, "Leader eats last" (or maybe, "drinks coffee last" in our case 😄), holds true, but there's a dichotomy to consider.

From my perspective, self-care takes the lead; after all, a motivated leader is the linchpin of a thriving team. Balancing empathy and boundaries, being a team player yet maintaining a healthy distance, and embracing late-night collaborations with a well-thought-out schedule – it's not just about sacrifice; it's about strategic leadership and well-being.

So, my advice? Grab that coffee first and then charge into problem-solving mode!

🚀 Revamping Communication Skills 📝

In the quest for effective leadership, I revisited my commitment to writing more often. Yet, over time, I realized that effective communication goes beyond just putting words on paper.

Time, a precious commodity for leaders, demands a skillful approach to conveying essential messages. Enter the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) technique – a game-changer in the art of succinct communication. I stumbled upon some valuable resources, and true to form, I shared my newfound lessons.

As we wind down the year, here's to embracing the festive spirit, mastering the balance of leadership and self-care, and honing our communication skills for a brighter, more engaging future! 🌟🎉


This page is inspired by Derek Sivers now page” movement.

Updated: 20 Dec 2023

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