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It’s been insanely intensive end of year! 

Piotr Zagorowski | Now

What I’ve been up to last months? It’s been intensive end of the year. Here is my retro for the last quarter of the year.

Recovering my stolen car! 🔥

I see technology as a tool. It can serve us very well. It saves lives. Technology makes you more productive, so you work less and spend time with family. It can also be used against you. Evil people use technological advances to encrypt hospitals’ networks and demand ransom. They can clone your keys and steal your car. It is what happened to me. They walked towards my house, went to my driveway and stole my car on a bright day. Due to the advanced technology, all of it took them less than a minute. But I got my car back! Thanks to technology and the quick reaction of good people. Let’s dive into this James Bond story including James Bond like chase, Police and thrilling moments here.

Publishing my first digital product ✅

How to land your dream job Checklist

I’ve prepared something for people who would like to (or have to) change the job.

interactive checklist, including information on how to:

  • prepare your LinkedIn profile, including photo, headline, about section, and other important components
  • structure and edit your CV, including examples of executive summary
  • prepare for the interview, including the question examples and how to check a startup condition and your new role
  • check your future employer thanks to tools and articles I included
  • connect with experts, thanks to my recommended list of people I follow

eBook compiling all sections from the above checklist to get coherent view of all the information and knowledge

newsletter to have access to all additional materials

Claim your checklist 

Preparing for Christmas 🎄

Call me crazy, but we dressed our Christmas tree just after Halloween, to cheer ourselves up in this intenstive end of the year.
We hold the family council and decided this is the way to go. It will cheer everyone up. The next weekend we had our Christmas tree ready! We are now enjoying the Elf on the Shelf tricks. 

Elf on the shelf
Elf on the shelf 🎄

Elf on the Shelf is a newly found Christmas tradition started by Carol Aebersold and her twin daughters, Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts. Each Elf on the Shelf kit consists of the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition book and a Scout Elf.

The story goes that Santa’s Scout Elves fly to the North Pole each night of December to report to Santa if your children have been behaving (or misbehaving). The elves then fly back and hide in a new spot for the children to find him the next morning. Typically, Scout Elves love to hide in sneaky spots around the house and sometimes they like to stir up mischief throughout the house the night before.

Reading books 📚

I am reading “The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything” by Matthew Ball. This book was recommended to me as a good intro into my new job. It is a fantastic read for everyone interested in technology evolution. 

Tim Sweeney (CEO of Fortnite-maker Epic Games): “Matthew Ball’s essays have defined, analysed, and inspired the Metaverse for years. His book is an approachable and essential guide to the strategic, technical, and philosophical foundations of this new medium.”

“This book feels like a rare achievement―a definitive statement about an emerging phenomenon that could shape the digital world, the global economy, and the very experience of human consciousness.” ―Derek Thompson, Atlantic staff writer and national best-selling author of Hit Makers

Working on this blog ✍️

I publish more these days. There is so much on going on and I find it interesting to share stuff via blog posts and later come back and re-read it. It is like a digital diary and brings back vivid memories of the situation. 

Thanks for reading!

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